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At Provo Golf Club (PGC) our priority is the health and safety of our staff, members, golfers, guests and the Turks & Caicos Islands in these challenging times.

PGC is committed to the ongoing safety of golfers and to our staff. As a result, several precautionary measures have been put into place to ensure that everyone will stay safe in and around the facility.  Safety must rely on the full cooperation of golfers and  team members from the moment we arrive at the facility until the time we leave.

  1. General Messaging to Provo Golf Club Golfers

    If you have underlying medical conditions, it is recommended that you not visit our facility. Anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19, such as a persistent cough or high temperature, will not be permitted on the course.  If you feel unwell, please stay home, and when in doubt, get tested. If you live in a household with someone who has COVID-19 or is showing symptoms of COVID-19, please do not visit Provo Golf Club.

    PHYSICAL DISTANCING of a minimum of 6ft/2m is REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES and this will be enforced from arrival until departure.  Failure to observe physical distancing risks the “closure of Provo Golf Club”, and as such, you will be required to leave the premises and potentially suspended from future play.
    • The Clubhouse upstairs will be closed.
    • Check-in procedures will be completed from the outdoor "home base" registration area, with few exceptions.
    • The downstairs locker rooms and washrooms will remain open, and we encourage you to wash your hands before and after using the facility.
    • The Pro Shop will allow limited access using the side door entrance only, with a maximum of 4 persons at any one time.  If you need the basics, such as a glove or golf balls we will deliver them to you at "home base".
    • At the beginning of Phase One golf on-course washrooms are closed. Use the lower clubhouse washrooms.
    • We recommend that golfers bring their own sanitizer and use it at every touchpoint
    • During Phase One we will not be providing tees, pencils, or scorecards on the golf carts, but will provide them when asked.
    • We also request you do not handle each other’s equipment such as clubs, golf balls, tees, ball markers, etc.
    • During play or upon conclusion of your golf day throw away as much of your own garbage into the appropriate bins as possible.
  2. Hours/Days of Operation and Tee Time Policy

    • Provo Golf Club will be open during the following days and reduced opening hours:-
      • Tuesday through Thursday  12pm through 7:30pm. (all golfers must be off premise by 7:45pm).  Tee times begin at 12.30pm
      • Friday, Saturday and Sunday  7.15am through 7:30pm. (all golfers must be off premise by 7:45pm). Tee Times begin at 7.30am.
      • Monday closed to all activity
    • Tee times will be spaced a minimum of 10 minutes apart depending on the playability of the golf course to permit for physical distancing and maintenance of pace of play
    • Electric golf carts are single rider only unless a golfer shares the same household as the co-rider. There will be no exceptions.
    • Note that all carts are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each use with "Peroxide Multisurface Cleaner x 2 2.0 Lit Ecolab", a highly regarded treatment for Covid-19.  We suggest you also provide your own disinfectant wipes for use on the golf carts and other surfaces to use as desired.
    • During Phase One carrying your golf bag is now promoted with the reminder to social distance.
    • A limited number of pull carts will be available and you are welcome to bring your own pull cart.
    • ADVANCE TEE TIMES ARE MANDATORY:  Online booking is preferred or by phone at pro shop 946-5991. Golfers without a pre-scheduled tee time may be refused access and turned away, therefore you must arrange a reservation prior to arriving at Provo Golf Club.
  3. Check in Policy

    • All golfers must wear a mask from their time of arrival in the car park.
    • Please do not arrive at PGC any earlier than 20 minutes before your tee time and avoid congregating in all areas to comply to physical distancing.
    • Club storage and club rentals will continue to be provided but to eliminate virus transmission via touch points, we will discontinue personal club cleaning for the time being. Be prepared to clean your own clubs and when possible, if you do not store your clubs, please place them on your own golf cart.
    • As PGC transitions to a cashless facility, please be prepared to pay for any purchases by debit or credit card. Therefore, we need all members and frequent guests to provide up to date credit card information. Charging purchases to your house account/credit card eliminates the need for touching or signing.
  4. Practice Facility Policy

    • The short-range hitting net can be used prior to the round, but stalls have been reduced from 5 to 3 to comply with safe distancing. Practice will be allowed when the course is quiet, but priority is given to golfers with tee times. Consider not teeing your golf ball at the net by rolling the ball into place with your clubhead.
    • The practice putting greens may be used by a maximum of 8 golfers provided physical distancing is always observed. The best way forward when busy is to putt to one hole only.
    • There may be no flagsticks on the putting green and no practice range balls. Golfers must practice with their own balls.
    • Golfers can use range balls on the chipping green if needed. However they must use the golf club head (not hand) to retrieve the practice chips and create the lie.
  5. On Course Measures

    • Ball washers will not be available therefore please carry a wet towel accordingly.
    • Bunker rakes will not be available, please smooth sand with your foot or club in the greenside bunkers.
    • Tee Markers will not be used in Phase One. Tee off where you decide. Example: at blue yardage plate, two steps back of white yardage plate, two steps forward of red yardage plate.  This allows for much needed time efficiencies for course maintenance staff during Phase one.
    • Cup buffers will be used to prevent golf balls dropping to the bottom of the hole. This will allow minimal contact when picking up a ball.
    • During Phase One please refrain from touching the flagstick.  You must  leave the pin in the hole.
    • Course water coolers - drinking water is not available from coolers. Fairways beverage cart will be in operation.
    • Garbage cans will be left on the course and we encourage all golfers to dispose of their garbage.
  6. After Round Policy

    Golf carts to be returned to the desingated cart drop-off area at “Home Base” where garbage and recycling bins are available. Please use the garbage bins or even take garbage home with you to minimize potential exposure.
    All golfers must COMPLETELY empty their cart of personal belongings and garbage after play.

  7. Golfer Adherence

    All policies will be enforced! Anyone not complying with these policies will be asked to leave the premises and may also be suspended from future play.

  8. Possible changes to rules

    Although this is an excellent starting position for rules and guidelines, as the situation is fluid, there will no doubt be updates as we progress during Phase One.

    Thank you for your co-operation!

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